Theta Chamber Therapy in Oklahoma City

At OK Theta & Wellness, we’re proud to introduce you to the Theta Chamber—the first of its kind in Oklahoma. Discover how this groundbreaking technology can help you.

Safe For All Ages

No Drugs or Medications

No Side Effects

The Theta Chamber

The Theta Chamber is a revolutionary technology designed to guide your brain into the profoundly healing theta brainwave state using the combination of vestibular motion, microcurrent signaling, binaural audio beats, and visual pattern light stimulation.

Induces a
"Theta" Brainwave State

The theta state opens the brain to healing, learning, and suggestion.

Signals the Hypothalamus for Balance

The hypothalamus is signaled to produce normal levels of dopamine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters.

Creates and Nurtures New Neural Pathways

The brain is encouraged to create and use new, normal neural pathways (known as entrainment).

Inducing the Theta Brainwave State

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The Theta Chamber’s unique spinning motion, mirroring the Earth’s natural rotation speed, disrupts your brain’s sense of time and space, enhancing the flow in your biomagnetic field, where thoughts and emotions reside. Functioning in a manner similar to Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT), this approach utilizes the movement of the fluid in the inner ear to synchronize mental and physical faculties, potentially enhancing concentration.

Microcurrent Signaling

Small clips placed on the earlobes transmit gentle signals to the hypothalamus, situated in the limbic region of the brain. These signals encourage the hypothalamus to produce healthy levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. With just a few applications of these signals, the brain undergoes entrainment into regular functionality, fostering the formation of new neural pathways and the gradual diminishment of old, addicted, or imbalanced ones.

Binaural Audio Beats

Designed to induce a theta brainwave state, subtle pulses or rhythmic “beats” arise as slightly offset tones are played through headphones. These beats synchronize the cerebral hemispheres, creating optimal conditions for the re-establishment of neural pathways, commonly known as “entrainment.” The result of this therapeutic approach is a profound state of relaxation.

Visual Pattern Light Stimulation

Computer-generated light patterns are precisely calibrated to align with binaural beats, swiftly inducing the Theta state. This synchronization aims to open the brain to suggestion, facilitate entrainment, and encourage specific healing rhythms.

Come Take a Spin in Oklahoma’s First Theta Chamber!

Your sessions at OK Theta & Wellness are deeply relaxing, In fact, you might even fall asleep, waking up refreshed. Just a few sessions in the chamber can reset your brain and body for transformative results.

Enhanced Coordination and Athletic Performance

Improved Mental Clarity and Focus

Stress Reduction

Personal Growth and Development

Increased Creativity and Learning

Better Sleep

Improved Emotional

Heightened Awareness and Mindfulness

Pricing Packages

Current Specials

Give yourself the gift of a Theta Chamber session and emerge renewed, with a heightened sense of clarity and an invigorated spirit.

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Active Military, Veterans & First Responders


Save $40 on your first
30-minute session
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First Session Special

Save $25 on your first
30-minute session
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Enjoy four sessions in the Theta Chamber each month for only $87.50 per session with a 3 month subscription.

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 Reset Special


Our 28-Day Brain Reset Can Help With

Anxiety / Panic Attacks



Migraines / Headaches


Bipolar Disorder

Addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, Gaming, Sugar)


Unwanted Behaviors


Chronic Pain



Learning Enhancement
and More!

The History of The Theta Chamber

The Theta Chamber, originally called the Omega Brain 5000, was developed by Loran Swensen in 1989. Swensen had no intention of building a business; he only wanted to help his son, Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy and learning disabilities. Michael had mobility issues and attended a special education school. At the age of 8, Michael completed 21 consecutive day treatments in the Omega Brain 5000. Within one year, Michael had overcome his mobility issues and transitioned to traditional school. Today, Michael is in his 40s, has a degree in accounting, works as a massage therapist, speaks 5 languages, and is a second degree black belt.

Watch an interview with
Loran Swensen about the Theta Chamber



Frequently Asked Questions
How long is a session?

A session lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

Do you accept insurance?
Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance at this time. While many of the treatment modalities used in the Theta Chamber are individually FDA approved, the Theta Chamber as a whole is not. You may be able to use FSA/HSA funds with a signed letter from your physician including a diagnosis and recommended number of sessions.
Is the Theta Chamber safe for everyone?

The Theta Chamber combines multiple FDA approved therapies, and after three decades of research, has been shown to be both safe and effective. There is no age limit; however, clients should be able to lie still for 30 minutes in order to receive the full benefits. Infants and small children can be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Please consult with your physician prior to using the Theta Chamber if you have any of the following conditions: Pacemaker, Internal Defibrillator, Internal Insulin Pump, Prone to Seizures, or Light Sensitivity.

Is there a height or weight limit?
We have treated clients as tall as 6’7” inside the Theta Chamber. The weight limit is 300 lbs.
What do I wear?
Wear clothing that will be comfortable while lying down. You will be asked to remove your earrings and shoes, so wear or bring socks with you. We recommend removing watches and leaving phones outside of the Theta Chamber, as they could interrupt your session. If you plan to use the PEMF mat, you must remove all metal jewelry, cell phones, electronics, key fobs, credit cards, and anything with a magnetic strip; avoid clothing with metal pieces.
What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Just yourself and any items needed to make you comfortable! We provide the headset, but you are welcome to bring your own. We have a bluetooth transmitter if you prefer using wireless headphones or earbuds. Pillows are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Please bring a jacket or blanket if you think you will get cold. You will also have the option of turning on the fan inside of the Theta Chamber. If you were not able to complete the online forms beforehand, bring any information you will need to do so.
Will the spinning make me sick?
The spinning should not make you sick. The rotation is mild and typically feels like a gentle rocking or floating sensation. We have treated clients with motion sickness and had no issues. If anything makes you uncomfortable, you will be able to end your session at any time.
What if I am claustrophobic?
The experience of the chamber is often weightless, expansive, and does not feel closed in. With the goggles on and music playing, it is difficult to tell when the lid of the machine is closed. There is also a fan inside that provides cool, flowing air to prevent stuffiness. We have treated clients with claustrophobia and had no issues. If anything makes you uncomfortable, you will be able to end your session at any time.
Will I see any results with one session?
While it usually takes more than one session to notice cognitive, emotional, or physical improvements, effects can be seen after just one session. Clients typically feel very calm and relaxed immediately following their first session. They have reported an improvement in mood for the remainder of the day as well as better sleep that same night. However, results vary greatly from person to person, and some take several sessions to see any noticeable difference.
How many sessions do I need?
Several factors can determine how many sessions it takes to see results. The type of issue and its severity, as well as your willingness and mindset, play a huge role in how quickly the treatment will be effective. Minimizing time between sessions and doing things to reinforce the theta state at home can make the treatment work much faster. Occasional sessions are great for stress relief, relaxation, and meditation. For more severe issues, such as PTSD or depression, we recommend a 28-Day Brain Reset, if your schedule allows for it. Otherwise, weekly sessions can still help. For severe addictions, we recommend two sessions per day for 28 days.
What if I’m struggling physically, emotionally, and with an addiction?
The great news is that during your session in the Theta Chamber, we can focus on three issues at the same time. For example, on the category screen, we could select depression, chronic pain, and alcohol addiction.
What is the Theta Chamber experience like?

The Theta Chamber experience is different for every client. The light patterns are often perceived as interesting shapes and colors, but not always. The ambient music and gentle motion can promote a weightless or out of body experience, but again not always. Some describe feeling transported to imaginary settings such as the ocean or outer space, others report daydreaming or mind wandering, some confront subconscious thoughts and feelings, and some even report feeling no different than just lying there. Experiences can be remarkable or ordinary. However, the Theta Chamber is working to entrain your brainwaves regardless of the experience you have.

What should I be doing or thinking about during my session?

Your intention to improve is key. YOU are the one healing yourself, not the machine. With that in mind, just relax and let your thoughts settle. There is nothing in particular you need to do or think about, although different meditation exercises can be very helpful to the overall treatment. You may find repressed thoughts or feelings resurfacing as your mind quiets down. This is normal, and nothing you should worry about or try to stifle. The theta state is an optimal brainwave state for dealing with difficult or unprocessed mental content and this can be the very thing that helps you recover from the issue you are trying to treat. Yet not all clients will experience repressed thoughts, and that is also okay. The entrainment process can still be working and taking effect even if you experience nothing “interesting” while in the Theta Chamber. Whatever your experience is like, allowing thoughts to rise and fall without reaction or self-judgment will help you to get the most from it.

If I complete the 28-Day Brain Reset, will I need to come back?
The 28-Day Brain Reset is the best way to ensure prominent, long-lasting results. However, you may experience a lessening of the effects overtime. Brainwave entrainment teaches the brain to access the theta state easier on its own. This means the more you are actively putting the results to use and achieving the theta state in your everyday life, the more permanent and effective the results will be. Coming back in for an occasional session can help you realign your mindset and boost your results as well.
Can I bring my kids or family for my appointment?
Kids and family are welcome! We have a waiting room with TV, coffee, and water available. You may need to bring an additional guardian for any children requiring supervision.
I have a history of seizures. Can I still get in the Theta Chamber?
Many of the Theta Chamber’s settings can be adjusted to prevent causing seizures. Flashing lights, sounds, and electric stimulation can be turned down or off. However, it is recommended to keep at least 3 of the 4 modalities in use in order to get the full benefits of treatment. We have treated clients at risk for seizures and had no issues.
Are there any contraindications to using the PEMF mat during my session?
Absolute contraindications include implanted devices (pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, cochlear implant, pain pump, etc.). PEMF has not been proven safe for pregnant women. PEMF therapy is contraindicated for children who have not yet completed their growth phase. Please consult with your physician first and use caution with the following conditions: severe arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, myasthenia gravis, active bleeding, hypothalamic dysfunction, hypophyseal dysfunction, hyperthyroidism, adrenal gland dysfunction, acute viral diseases, active tuberculosis, mycosis, malignancies, psychoses, epilepsy or seizures, magnetisable prostheses, and organ transplants.

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